Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Final sketch

This is my final sketch for the sap dripping out of a tree painting. I tried to showcase different textures in the bark and sap through shading. 


These are my five thumbnails for the sap dripping out of a tree painting. 

Title: Why so Sticky?

Artists create original art: 
When I think of sticky situations, I think of things that are literally sticky. I decided to do sap dripping out of a tree because its different, and i knew i could combine the sticky sap with a challenging to paint tree, pulling me out of my comfort zone. 
I combined my original ideas with pictures from the internet to create this. I had multiple pictures of sap dripping, and zoomed in pictures of bark I decided to do the background as a green, forest blur. 

Artists develop art making skills: 
I definitely learned the ways of painting throughout this project. Doing mini assignments before starting the final project helped, because I not only learned how to use acrylic, which I used in my final, but I also learned how to use watercolor. 
I did learn how to use watercolor and acrylic in art 1, but I feel like after these past couple of weeks, I have a better understanding of the materials and cool tricks to use when using them, such as sprinkling salt and using plastic wrap to create texture, two things I did not know you could do before this project.

Artists Take risks: 
During this project, It was very challenging for me to correctly draw and paint the bark. I practiced alot, and got help from Mrs. Rossi and other students, and I think I did an OK job at the bark. I was unsure after I did my sketches if I could do the bark, and I was close to staying in my comfort zone and sticking with the gummy worms, but I wanted a challenge so I decided to go for it. 
The sparkle paint was something that I have never heard of or worked with before this project. I decided to paint my sap with regular orangy/yellow paint and show the lights and dark values with it, but then I put a top coat of sparkle paint to make the sap look a little more realistic, because sap reflects things, so I think the shimmer gave a nice touch to the sap.