Monday, October 22, 2012

"The Hummingbird" Printmaking Project

1. The overall composition of my art, to me, is well balanced, because you can tell what everything is. I think I used good colors and they give the bird good movement. Overall, I think this was one of my best art projects.

2. There is good texture in my print, I used texture throughout the feathers and speckles in my bird and the flowers in the background. There is detail in the bird that gives the print alot of texture.

3. I used alot of negative space in the background because I didnt cut out the background, and the bird has mostly positive space because I cut things out to show detail.

4. There is good craftmanship in this art and there arent any stray lines, and the lines in the bottom feathers are good lines because they show texture in the feathers.

5. yes, there is depth because the bird is the foreground, the middle ground are the flowers, and the background are the twigs. This shows that the bird is flying around flowers and getting nectar.

6. One obstacle I had while doing the printmaking project, was understanding what to cut and what not to cut, and imagining what it would look like if you cut or didnt cut some parts, because once you cut something, you cant get it back.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Print scetch critique

1. Texture is important to have in your scetches because it shows the different values the animal has. It will also help us alot when we go to carve in the linoleam, because we will know what to carve and what to leave flat. The texture will also make the animal come to life and not make it look like its just a drawing.

2. Its necessary to have several images for reference for each animal because you can combine the images together. If you put the flowers with one background and the trees in another in your drawing, it makes it your own. You can also put the position of an animal in one picture with the texture and shades from another picture to make a new looking picure of an animal.

3. When I look at my sketches I can tell which one is the best. The best one is the one with the most range of texture. It is also the picture that has the best viewfinder position, and the one you think will have the most potential.

Chalk Mural

1. For me, I like to work in groups because everyone can share their ideas and work together. I think my group worked well together, and our project turned out great because we all got to work on it, not just one person. I think team work is the most important thing do use when your working in a group.

2. When working in a group, sharing ideas is important because when you combine ideas you have a better chance of having something creative. If someone has a better idea, its better to share to make the project better than to not say anything, I think my group collaborated their ideas alot and it made the project good.

3. I think this project was very successful, because there are alot of vibrant colors, and it looks like a real bookshelf. Adding pastels to the books made the mural come to life,instead of just having dull chalk colors.  The ladder also has alot of dark pastels that make it look like wood.

 4. Making a project that others can interact with is fun because you can see everyone posing in them and taking pictures with them. I see some of the pictures on facebook and intsagram and it makes you feel like your art is famous. The good thing is that the murals will probably last a long time and everyone can keep looking at them.