Art 1 Final Portfolio

1. My favorite project that I have done this semester is the Chalk Mural. I like this project the most because it was a group project, and we got to pull all our skills together and make a project we can be proud of.   Another thing I liked about this project was that it was in the courtyard, so it was fun to see everyone interacting with our art and looking around at all of the murals. I saw some of our artwork on facebook and instagram, and it made me feel like our art was famous.We made a sketch of the project in our sketchbook, and then we made the art come alive on the wall. This was my first time making art with chalk and pastels, and Im glad it was a group project because other people in my group could show me how to add values to the books and make them look vivid and flourescent. Overall I thought this project was very successful, if you look at the picture the girl who is interacting with the art really looks like she was climbing a ladder to reach a book. I enjoyed making the mural life-size, and using pastels instead of just chalk gave the books more value and they looked real. Collaborating all of our creativity made the project five times better, and I think we should do alot more group projects in art because they are successful.

2. The project I learned the most from was the Clay Tile Project. I learned many different sculpting skills, and Painting skills. We started off with clay, and we learned how clay works, and the best techniques for making a good sculpture. You have to score the clay pieces before you can put them together, and adding layers to your tile gives the art more depth to make it look real life. Once we were done sculpting our clay, we had to let it dry out, and then it was fired in the kiln. Once it got out of the kiln, we could paint our tiles. This is where we learned more skills on painting. You have to add a base coat onto the tile, which can either be a shade of blue or brown. You can then paint the tile and give your as much value and depth as possible. The last step was to polly acrylic our dry tile, and this added a shiny coat to our project and it made the colors vivid and not so dull. Overall, I enjoyed this project, because I learned alot of new art skills.

3. On the anamorphasis drawing, we already knew alot the skills that we used on the project, from previous projects. Anyone can draw an object, like a cupcake. But the hard part that you have to learn is how to make it come to life, and look like it is sitting on the paper. Using adobe photoshop, and stretching out the threshold of our object was very helpful, because it showed you what to draw in each grid square. One of the most important skills that we had was using value. As you can see, there are darker areas of color in the icing, and that gives the cupcake depth. Another helpful thing that we knew how to do was to create a shadow. My shadow is on the left side, a little towards the back, so the light source was on the right side, coming from the front. Even though I knew alot about value already, this project helped to strengthen my skills.

4. The project that I feel was the least important in learning the concepts taught in this course was the Stencil. Although it was a fun project, I didnt feel that the Stencil showcased our skills.The landmark that I chose was The Hollywood Sign, which didnt have much detail, so I added a shadow. The reason I didnt think this project showed alot of our techniques is because we traced the image onto a poster, instead of drawing it ourselves. I did like cutting out cool looking pictures in magazines was fun, because it showed our personality, but I feel like anyone could do it in any class. Another thing was that we spraypainted the stencil, and that was not very hard. This project could have been more challenging if we painted the stencil instead of spraypainting it. If we painted it, we could have used more colors, because when using the spraypaint its hard to use a variety of colors without getting it in the places you dont want to.

5. An art piece that reflected me as an artist, was the Landscape Project. This project represents me because I go to Maine every other summer, and its one of my favorite places to go. I have been to this lighthouse, so I thought it would be a cool thing to paint so I can remember all the fun things I have done in Maine and at this lighthouse. I think the different shades of green shows value in my grass. On the left side of the house, I made the grey darker, because there is a shadow. I also think that my sky is good, because its darker on top and then it slowly gets lighter towards the horizon. Overall, I liked this project and it was one of my favorites.

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