Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mixed Media project

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Artists Create Original Art
 How did you use your own unique ideas in your work?
I decided I wanted to do a fish, and I used a simple fish, and I made it my own by adding the tissue paper seaweed and ocean. It related to the theme because when I thought of the idea, my inspiration was the book "Rainbow Fish", a fairytale/fable story from my childhood that I used to love and read all the time.  I created the fish out of cardboard to make it more 3D, and this made the project more unique as well.

Did you use a source for inspiration, then combine it with your own ideas to make it original?
 I looked up pictures of fish, and that was the only source I used. For this project, I decided to let loose and just do as I feel, because in mixed media you create so many layers that if you mess up it is easier to fix or build around the mistake.

 Artists Develop Art Making Skills
Did you learn new techniques or processes as part of the work for this project?
Mixed media is a totally different type of art then drawing and sketching. You get to make art out of any materials you like. You are not just limited to a pen or pencil, you can use tissue paper, glitter, and basically anything you can glue down, and I really liked the freedom of being able to use any techniques I like. I also learned how to create a photo transfer, something I found really cool that I used in my sketchbook mixed media project.
Did you gain skill with familiar materials?
 We had already used tissue paper to lay down color on a white page,and this is a technique I used to create different shades of blue in the ocean.

Artists Take Risks 
 Did you try something that you weren’t sure about as part of this project?
I was definitely unsure as to how to make the fish, and I decided to cut the shape out of cardboard. I didnt know if it would look neat, or if it would even glue down correctly to the page, but I decided to just try it, and it thankfully worked out.
Did you pick a material or technique that was new or different over something that was familiar?
 I could have easily used watercolor to paint the ocean, something I have done time and time again. I decided to use different shades of blue tissue paper on the page and to glue down, and I think it made to ocean look cooler. Overall I like this project.

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